About Motoloc

Motoloc is a division of William Ashton & Sons Ltd, which was founded in the 1850's. Motoloc, specialise in the manufacture and supply of motorcycle and scooter secure parking equipment & domestic ground anchors. With origins in architectural and structural steel engineering, the company boasts many clients from the public and private sectors, both in the UK and abroad. Motoloc are based and manufacture in north west England.

In most towns and cities motorcycles and scooters can park for free. This is usually in the open air and the only security for the rider's machine is whatever they bring with them, a chain and a padlock at best. Most motorcycle and scooter riders would like more secure parking are prepared to pay for it.

Why are they willing to pay ?,
Over the last ten years motorcycle sales have increased by 223% while scooter sales have risen by a staggering 515% in the same time period.

Each year in the UK alone, 30,000 to 40,000 motorcycles and scooters are stolen, the recovery rate of these machines is currently around 14%. On the lower figure of 30,000 that is just 4200 recovered and they're not always in one piece.

Manufacturers and sales outlets give theft and the lack of secure parking as one of the main barriers to increased sales. With the government, as part of national, regional and local transport strategy, encouraging more environmental friendly transport in urban centres, motorcycles and scooters can provide an the alternative to the car, with the benefits of being easier to park, use less road space and reduce the level of traffic congestion and pollution. Provision of better parking facilities therefore is a must. Providing more secure parking for motorbikes can utilise space currently unavailable to other motor vehicles.

Security at home is the other area of concern, not all motorbikes are stolen from our town centres, a large proportion are stolen from driveways and garages. Motoloc can provide security devices suitable for all locations and pockets. Added security at home will reduce the insurance premium on the bike as well.

All Motoloc units have the added security for the user, that they have undergone stringent testing by ourselves and by'Sold Secure' - THE test for security products in the UK. Several of our units require no chain, so the rider only needs to carry a good quality padlock, which we can also supply.

Motoloc can also supply units that can be used for pay & display, bay parking (ticketless), pay on foot, GSM, and voucher and permit environments. We also manufacture units for special events and temporary parking solutions.

We are also able to offer a complete package of parking solutions for PTW secure parking, including a full range of parking and ticketing machines , utilising the latest technology, including solar power and GSM communication, signage is also available.